Hanfred HTG GmbH

Das österreichische Unternehmen Hanfred stellt Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Hunde mit Hanfpulver her.
The Austrian company Hanfred produces supplementary dog feed with hemp powder.

Hanfreds Founders

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Hemp Powder

- supports in restlessness and stress
- supports digestive regulation
- supports muscles and joints
- supports the immune system
- for healthy and shiny coat
- only natural ingredients

SOS - Snacks

- 15% hemp powder
- 85% dried meat in 3 varieties
- No flavor enhancers
- No preservatives
- No grains
- Single protein

Light Snacks
Dog treats

- 5% hemp powder
- 95% dried meat
- No flavor enhancers
- No preservatives
- No grains
- Single protein 

Mini Snacks

- Support digestion regulation
- Support joints and muscles
- Support the immune system
- Only natural ingredients
- Minis are also perfect as training treats 

Der vegane Snack

The vegan dog snack

- Rich in valuable Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
- Super boost for concentration and well-being
- Suitable for food intolerances
- Alternative to meat snacks
- Ideal for training